Joe Brinkman
"George Brett Pine Tar Game - 7/24/1983"

I sent a request to Joe Brinkman asking him to tell the story on a baseball about his memory of George Brett's Pine Tar Game and this is what I received:

"Umpires: Tim McClelland - Drew Coble - Joe Brinkman - Nick Brenigan"
"Rules 6.06 2.00 1.10 6.06 a batter is out for illegal action when (a) he hits an illegally batted ball."
Rule 1.10 (b) the bat handle for not more than 18 inches from the end may be covered or treated with any --> material (including pine tar) to improve the grip."
"2.00 an illegally batted ball is (2) one hit with a bat which does not conform to rule 1.10"

If you are not familiar with the event, here is the detail from
Also, here is another participant's memories of the event.