Tim McClelland
"Pine Tar Game - 7/24/83"

I sent a request to Tim McClelland asking him to tell the story on a baseball about his involvement as home plate umpire during the infamous George Brett pine tar game and this is what I received:


"George Brett hit a HR in the top of the 9th with 1 on to take the lead 5-4. As he was rounding the bases, Billy Martin came out and said, "You have to call him out, pal, he has to much pine tar!" Our sight line is the trademark of the bat which is about 18", which is the rule. We measured it on home plate because it is 17" across. He had at least 8" more so I pointed the bat, called him out, and he charged like a mad man. The call was reversed 4 days later and Royals won 5-4."

If you are not familiar with the event, here is the detail from MLB.com.