Bill Zepp
"Met Stadium Bomb Threat - 8/25/1970

I recently picked up a ticket stub from the game when there was a bomb threat at Met Stadium and looked up the starting pitcher for the Twins that game.  I sent a request to Bill Zepp asking him to tell the story on a baseball about his memory of that game and this is what I received:

"I had just pitched the top half of an early inning (3-4-5?).  Owner Cal. Griffith came to the edge of the dugout (unheard of)"
"as the ump came over as the P.A. was made.  Fans went out.  Some players to outfield, others to parking lot (as I did with a dry shirt)."
"After the all clear (45-1 HR?) I pitched a few more innings."
"There had been other bomb scares- but not with the Twins."

If you are not familiar with the event, here is a great article from