Charlie Slowes
"Bryce Harper's 1st Career Walk-Off HR- 7/5/2013"

I sent a request to Charlie Slowes asking him to write his radio call of Bryce Harper's 1st Career Walk Off Homerun and this is what I received:

“Trying to end a 6 game losing streak. Here's the set. Now the pitch. Swing and a drive hit well to left center field. McCutchen on the run. It's way back there. This ball is GONE! GOOD BYE! It is a walk off, game winning, Harper homer and the 6 game losing streak ends with a bang!"
"Bang zoom goes Harper into home plate to a walk off mob scene.... And Bryce Harper has done it. In the red porch seats. A game winning two run homer walking off in the bottom of the 9th inning! And a curly W is in the books. The final score... The Washington Nationals 9, the Pittsburgh Pirates 7!”

(Notice the curly W to match the Nationals logo!)