Mitch Poole
"1988 World Series Game 1"

During the baseball break from COVID, the MLB Channel showed a documentary titled "Only in Hollywood" where they went over Kirk Gibson's 1988 World Series Game 1 home run.  In the show, they interviewed the Dodgers clubhouse manager Mitch Poole and I was fascinated with his role in the Gibby home run.  I noticed that he was still employed by the Dodgers so I sent a request asking him to recap the story on a baseball about his role in the Gibson home run and he really hooked me up!

 "I was picking up dirty towels in the training room at Dodger Stadium when Vin Scully's voice came on over the speaker in which he tells listeners that we will be without the services of Kirk Gibson.  Kirk proceeded to tell me "Mitch, go get my uniform!"  I proceeded to do so.  Then Kirk told me to get balls to the cage.  I was putting the ball on the tee and soft tossing to Kirk on the back outside corner of the plate."
"Kirk paused and said "Mitch, this could be the script."  I knew what he meant.  Kirk then told me "Go get Tommy".  I went out to the dugout and yelled for Tommy's attention.  He gave me no time of day.  After pleading with him he came over and said "Can't you see I'm trying to win a game out here?"  I told him that Gibby wanted to see him up the ramp.  He ran to Gibby and Gibby told him that he could hit.  Gibby with a 3-2 count with 2 out proceeded to hit Eckersley's back door slider out of the ballpark for a Game 1 win."

This is one of my most favorite balls in The Story Ball Collection!