Duane Pillette
"Eddie Gaedel Game"

I sent a request to Duane Pillette asking him to write about what he remembers of the game Eddie Gaedel played in and this is what I got:

Instead of writing on the baseball, he wrote a letter of his rememberance of the event.

The letter states (click on a page to get the larger version):
Page 1
"Kevin- First of all- I'll sign your ball - but your asking a great deal for a man of my age, I don't PRINT well and that is the only way to have the mean something - So you are going to do the writing - OK? You really don't believe I can remember what happened - hell I pitched the game that's all. Here is what I remember! 1. That day was the 50th anniversary of the American League. Veeck was always doing what he could to put some people in the stands - he was fined & they made a rule no more MIDGETS!! Eddie Gaedel was 3 ft 7 ins tall. He drew a 4 pitch walk from Bob Cain. Bob pitched for the Detroit team and I pitched for the Browns. Nobody knew what was happening. Eddie popped out of a cake - not even the mangers for either team had a idea what the hell was happening. Cain gave up trying to throw a... [over]"
Page 2
"... strike. Bill Veeck was fined and the President of the League stopped that from ever happening again. I pitched for the midget's team and lost. The game was never counted on against me or a win for Cain. You will love to contact one of the Browns other players at that time to find out more. P.S. Hope you can read this. I'll sign the ball- you will fill in what you need- I'm 88 and getting older each day- So- What you should so I'd send a letter ahead asking if others would answer your request. I hope you are not making money on this because if you are SHAME on you.
[signed] Duane Pillette"