Dave Nelson
"Stole 2B, 3B & Home in Same Inning 8-30-74"

I sent a request to Dave Nelson asking him to tell the story on a baseball about what he remembered from when he stole each base and then home plate on 8-30-1974 and this is what I got:

"8-30-74 I led off the bottom of the 1st with a base hit. Toby Harrah wa (was) the next hitter. I stole 2B. Next pitch Toby K'd. Jeff Burroughs was batting 3rd. I stole 3rd"
"2 pitches later Jeff popped up. Mike Hargrove was the next hitter. Ken Astromonte, the mgr of the Indians, yelled from the 3rd base dugout at Bosman to pitch from a stretch position. Bosman refused to do so. On the 3rd pitch"
"to Hargrove I stole home to give us a 1-0 lead until the 7th inning. I believe we lost 3-1. Dick Bosman was a former teammate with the Washington Senators. Dave Duncan + I later coached together"
"with the White Sox. I later coached for Mike Hargrove with the Indians. Larry Napp was the home plate umpire."

History records that Dave Nelson walked to lead off the bottom of the first and stole second during Cesar Tovar's at bat. Tover flied out to left field. Nelson then stole third during Jeff Burroughs at bat. Burroughs struck out. Nelson stole home. Hargrove walked.

Here is a link to a list of the players who achieved this accomplishment.