Stu Miller
"1961 All Star Game Wind Gust Balk"

I sent a request to Stu Miller asking him to tell the story on a baseball about the balk that was called on him during the 1961 All Star Game when a wind gust blew him off the mound from his perspective and this is what I got:


"1961 All Star Game Candlestick Park at S/F Giants. Relievid [sic] Sandy Koufax 9th Inning men 1st + 2nd with one out- Rocky Colavito was batter Came to my set position and an extra hard gust of wind caused me [to] waver slightly in the wind. No balk was called at that time- I went ahead and delivered to the plate and Colavito swung and missed- at that point unpire came out and motioned the runners to move up a base. I went to the umpire (Stan Landes) and told him that the wind had forced me to move and he said rules are rules and he could not change them."

Here is a link to an MLB article on the game and event.