Al Clark
"Cal Ripken's 2131st Consecutive Game! 3rd Base Umpire Camden Yards 9/6/1995"

I sent a request to Al Clark asking him to tell the story on a baseball about his memory of the game when Cal Ripken broke the all time consecutive game streak and this is what I received:

"What a glorious day and week to be in Baltimore the week Ripken broke Gehrig's 'unbreakable' record. Everything positive. Nothing negative."
"Going to the ballpark early that day was magic-- The President was there along with dignatarys from all walks of life. Pure excitement for the love of baseball."
"After Ripken's streak was official [was the] only time in 26 yrs on the field I applauded a player accomplishment. An honor to eye witness history- A magical night for our game!"