Mike Armstrong
"WP Pine Tar Game"

I sent a baseball to a private signing with Mike Armstrong and this is what I received:

"Pitched 7th + 8th innings scoreless.  Brett hits the bomb off [Goose] Gossage.  I know Quiz [Dan Quisenberry] is in for the save so I am looking at a win."
"When Tim's [McClellend] hand came up to call Brett out the place went nuts.  Hal McRae grabbed the bat and tossed it to Gaylord [Perry] who tossed it to Steve Renko."
"Renko ran up tunnel and was returned quickly by two security guys, guns drawn.  Took two hours to get out of stadium"...
..."because Dick [Howser] was tearing up the clubhouse.  Long flight back to KC.  Had to wait 1 month for W"

If you are not familiar with the event, here is the detail from MLB.com.